Events: Gomes' Goodbye Party - August 15th

In what is clearly a desperate plea for attention, Gomes has decided to destroy the very bedrock of this Podcast/Blog, The Ultimate Guide to Life After College, by going back to College. He is holding a party to start the newest chapter of his pathetic life. Ironically, he is requesting that his much needed emotional support come from regular listeners of the Podcast titled "Monkey Hate Gomes". Needless to say, his return to the education system appears ever necessary.

Though you may not feel like congratulating Gomes' on his acceptance into more College, Gomes' departure is an opportunity for celebration. Or at the very least, an opportunity to tell Gomes' how you really feel before he leaves. With that, MHG proudly invites you to Gomes' Going Away Party. Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 8/15/09 - 3pm
Place: MHG Central
On Tap: Lagunitas Pale Ale, Strongbow Cider, Olympia in cans
Food Provided: Delicious BBQ, Cake and Ice Cream Sundaes
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