Food: Finally, Oatmeal Made Easy (Not Instant)

We all love oatmeal. Some of us, more than others. Then there are people that like it enough to eat it twice a day. No matter how often you enjoy this wonderful, well-rounded meal, saving time cooking it would be nice. No, we are not suggesting using Microwaveable or Instant/Rolled Oats. Those smell like fake maple syrup, have little fiber, and are full of sugar and "bad carbs". For those of you in the know, the most flavorful and healthiest class of oatmeal is Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. The only problem is that this variety takes 30+ minutes to make. Yes, quality takes time but time is something we don't all have. Thanks to food blog, The Bitten World, there is a better way to cook these. Here it is:

The previous night you boil six cups of water, stir in the oatmeal, let boil for 1-minute, turn off the heat and cover. The next morning, you turn the heat back on and let it boil for 10 minutes. In our experience, it doesn't even take that long: after 7 minutes the oatmeal is ready to eat.

The blog goes on to recommend sliced bananas, chopped walnuts and maple syrup. Another favorite simple topping is butter/margarine and a good fruit jam.

MHG Recommends: McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, Price = $23 for four 28oz tins.


  1. This is a nice trick actually. I will totally remember this. Steel cut is so good, but takes TOO LONG


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