Monday, August 16, 2010

Memories of the Old Transbay Terminal

The website of the new Transbay Transit Center is calling for submission of memories of the old Transbay Terminal. MHG, over the last four years, has accumulated many and agreed to submit a memory for old times sake. Here is what we said:

Good morning,

Every day, when I entered the old Transbay building through its South entrance, I had to step over a puddle of urine (yes, urine!). Some days there was a "wet floor" sign that a worker had lazily placed next to the puddle (not mopped up). Most days, it was just there. Every day, I thought to myself - "Taxpaying citizens of the developed world deserve better". Here's a formal request - take pride in the new building and make sure that employees, tenants, visitors, and the general public do the same. Please let this memory die with the disgrace that was the old Transbay building.

Thank you,


Submit your own memory to Learn about the new terminal here:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blast From The Past: An Email To Gomes

Lesson in dealing with Gomes: BE FIRM

Dear Gomes,

I have tried many times to hint nicely. I am tired of being nice so here it is...If you don't do exactly what I say, I will not want to be your roommate any more. When this happens, I will start to routinely drop upper-deckers in your bathroom. I will shave Tim's head and hide all of the hair in small bundles around your room, in your pillow, in your shower loofah, in your printer mechanism, inside your down comforter (for extra insulation), in your monster cable lines, in the CD drive of your Mac mini, and in your gym bag. I will install a doggie door to your room so LOL can come and go as she pleases. I will scratch your face off of all of the pictures in our apartment. I will delete all of your Cops on DVR. I will delete all of your Family Guy's on DVR. I will no longer patronize your shipping center. I will siphon and subsequently steal gas from your car when you bring it home. I will eat all of your fake meat product. I will consume all of your Vapor, NOS, Protein, and other supplements in one giant shake and kill you in a testosterone-anabolic-fueled rage. After I kill you, I will cut you up into small pieces. Then I will convert the kegerator into a freezer and store those small pieces in the new freezer-kegerator. I will then serve LOL a piece of you every time she comes over to play. With that in mind, I suggest you listen up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#5: It's Britney B*tch - And I'm Back In The Form Of Podcast 5

Show #5 : It's Britney B*tch -

And I'm Back In The Form Of Podcast 5

This show:
Hosts : Chad and Ryan
Update: Gomes
Review: Apple iPad
Events: Lime Colony Album Release Show

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Apple iPad
Lime Colony Album
Lime Colony Album Release Show

Monday, April 19, 2010

Important announcement regarding Gomes

Hello Fans,

As many of you know, last August, Gomes was whisked away to a small town near St. Helena, CA for undisclosed reasons. He has spent the past seven months in a private institute with others who share his condition. Not much has been said publically about his time there.

While initial news of Gomes' departure was frightening for those who know Gomes well, most accounts indicate he was in good hands. A recent institute publication promised a culture of discovery and support that would eventually lead to the management of a better life. Many rate the staff as top notch - an initial review of the institute's records show no reports of harassment or abuse. The facilities are said to have a cafeteria, gymnasium, and even a pool for Gomes' enjoyment. In addition, social interaction likely helped Gomes through such a tough time. Sadly, these may be the only details available - we may never understand the extent of Gomes' condition or learn more details of his experiences over the last few months.

I visited with Gomes this past weekend and he was in good spirits. One day, he could be far enough along to fully integrate with society. It is with that that I am pleased to announce that Gomes will be rejoining the MHG podcast, effective immediately. Gomes is currently finishing his final week away before given an extended leave. Several reports indicate that Gomes will be available, on a limited basis, for activities during the next four months.

To celebrate Gomes' progress to date, MHG will be releasing a full-length podcast within the next day. Stay tuned for several more releases, including Gomes himself, chronicling the spring and summer seasons.