Food: Memorial Day Grill Tips

While the MHG camping trip is officially postponed until next year (no ManCamp #8), there is no reason to sulk around all weekend. Just in time for Memorial Day, one of MHG's favorite sites, Lifehacker, just posted an awesome primer to help you get your grill on. What better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than cooking raw flesh over a hot grill, drinking some Cervezas (before the end of Cinco de Mayo) all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Here is the top ten:
10. DIY marinades
9. Steak improvement through salt
8. Chill soda, beer, or wine in two minutes
7. Easy grill cleaning
6. Use your broiler as a backup
5. Get started with smoking
4. Make your own BBQ sauce
3. Use a cheat sheet
2. Know when meat is done
1. Perfect burgers

The complete article is here